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Your Students Can Study While On The Mission Field

Today many students are very interested in study abroad programs. SBC would love to partner with US theological schools that are interested to offer a semester abroad or year abroad program. By contacting Dr. Gary Munson any theological institution may begin the process of exploring how to make an agreement with SBC to allow students to come to study in Ethiopia. This opportunity is especially important for missiology students or those training for international ministry.

Customized Programs For Your School

SBC is willing to discuss special programs that can be developed to meet the specific needs to an theological institution that would like to create a practical training component in missions and international ministry. SBC has special expertise in the area of Muslim outreach and church planting among Muslims. SBC has trained more than 700 Ethiopian missionaries in this program along with 20 students from across Africa last year and 20 more will arrive for study in 2014. The Ethiopian missionaries have been sent across Ethiopia and into nearby nations and so far have led more than 200,000 Muslims to Christ.

Opportunities To Reach The Unreached

Students interested to learn and to gain experience in outreach to Muslims as well as to tribal following traditional African belief systems using oral methods of bible teaching and church planting among unreached people groups have an unusual opportunity at SBC. Methods and teaching are combined with practical experience for a comprehensive and powerful learning experience.

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