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HawassaHawassa is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Ethiopia. It is normally in the 70’s as to temperature and is one of the most visited cities by tourists. Lake Hawassa is scenic and the surrounding area is green and lush throughout the year. SBC is located on a lovely location on the edge of Awassa with the municipal offices just above and the regional legislature and executive offices just half kilometer the other direction. Hawassa is one of the largest cities in Ethiopia with more than 300,000 population with many beautiful hotels, restaurants and shops.

Ethiopia is a safe and comfortable place to live and study. Crime is minimal, far less than the United States. Diseases are present but through proper inoculations, sanitary living conditions, avoiding unsafe drinking water, and knowledge that we will provide you with there is no reason you cannot have a happy and healthy time in Ethiopia. If medical issues arise, most are fully treatable here in Ethiopia where adequate medical treatment is available for all normal health related issues.


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