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 Shifts in Global Christianity

– The opportunities for global outreach are unprecedented, yet churches in the Western world seem less involved in missions than previous generations.

– The center of gravity of global Christianity is shifting from the US and Europe toward Africa and Asia.

– The greatest current challenge in Christian missions is to reach Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist areas with the gospel.

– The centers of these religious expressions are not currently open to Christian work and pose special and difficult challenges.

– The work of the Holy Spirit must be combined with sound biblical understanding as well as appropriate strategies to reach the unreached of our world today.

– Global outreach will be accomplished through partnerships.

– Leadership training and development is best done as close to the area of ministry as possible in order to incorporate practical experience and mentorship opportunities.

– Those oriented to the work of the Holy Spirit and those oriented to theological training have been separate in their spheres of activity which has benefited neither.

SBC- Global Vision for Theological Training

Global partnerships for missions are formed through healthy relationships and mutual understanding. Therefore, SBC seeks to bring American, Canadian, and European students together with African and Asian students in a healthy, practice oriented theological and educational environment.

SBC has its main campus in Hawassa, Ethiopia but expects to expand into many African and Asian nations such as Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Djibouti, and into the Middle East in Dubai and other Muslim areas of North Africa and the Middle East as well as Indonesia and China giving focus to training centers where none exist today in order to train workers in and for those environments.

SBC works in partnership with local and international ministries seeking an relationship of mutual understanding and respect in Christ.

Accredited Theological education in a Spirit Filled environment provides the best opportunity for training leaders for effective global outreach. We have found many workers in the global missions environment are either motivated by the Spirit and anointing but untrained on the one hand or well educated but have little understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit in signs, wonders and miracles or the dynamic of Spirit Filled prayers and so both are less effective than they could and should be.  The dynamic work of the Holy Spirit must be combined with sound biblical foundation for effective Christian ministry.

Each mission field is different and requires unique strategies appropriate to it.  Global ministry is both strongly affected by the global environment and also intensely local in its application. There is no “one size fits all” missions strategy and so missionaries must have a range of strategies in their repertoire that they can call upon and adapt at need.

Global outreach requires faith and so every training process must build faith, courage and perseverance.

SBCE Mission Statement

The mission of Shiloh Bible College Ethiopia is to prepare Christians to be mature, anointed, God-centered and skillful servant leaders through biblically sound theological education.

SBCE Vision Statement

SBCE will fulfill its mission by:

Practical, experience oriented theological education

Offering both graduate and undergraduate educational programs

Offering both accredited programs such as degree and graduate programs as well as non-accredited programs at different levels of study offered in various languages as needed.

Offering programs at different study locations and in various formats including distance learning

Offering or sponsoring short term programs such as seminars and conferences both at our main campus in Hawassa and at other locations.

Developing and publishing materials specific to our context and programs

Partnering with the Evangelical Churches Fellowship at various levels, denominations, churches, missionary and evangelistic groups, NGO’s as well as other theologicaol schools and programs.

Impacting civil society by producing Christian teachers, preachers and leaders who are capable of applying scriptural principles to their context.

What Shapes our Academic Environment:

Discipleship is a core process in Christian development

Practical application is essential to learning

Faith in God and His Word

Living in a manner honoring God and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit

Faithful and sacrificial living for the sake of the Gospel

Modeling Christ-like character

Service to others

Christian Stewardship and accountability

Culture of continuous improvement

Sustainability and consideration of future generations