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SBCE currently has approximately 7000 theological books as well as broadband internet access for students and faculty. Journals and other online learning resources are constantly being developed. Each year the SBCE library adds books and other resources through its library development program. Currently we have one full-time librarian with other library staff being made up of work-study students.

Book Borrowing

In current situation, SBCE does not loan books to students.


A book checked out by a faculty can be retained for a semester. SBCE expects from the faculty sensitivity to the needs of the students.


Other theological schools students or qualified can use the library on condition that they present their credentials to the library staff upon entering the library and request the permission to use the library. However, they are not eligible to sign out books.

Admission to the Library

Any student who wishes to use the Library has to present student identification card or proper credentials to the Library staff.

Library Conduct

The purpose of the Library is for quiet study and research. Any students who disturb this atmosphere will be warned once but if he/she repeats, he/she will be asked to leave the library. If there is a need for discussion, students can use one of the classrooms not in use.

Personal Properties in the Library

Normally no bags or brief cases are allowed in the Library. Women are permitted to take purses into the library provided that they are willing to be inspected by the Library staff. Textbooks can be brought to the library but are subjected to scrutiny by library staff.