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Study Missions while on the Mission Field

If you are called to ministry and want to be effective in cross-cultural settings, in missions, or in international ministry then this is the program for you. Many missionaries spend the first several years on the mission field learning how to function in another cultural environment. They are well educated academically in the bible, theology, missions and even cross-cultural communication. But the reality of living abroad and its challenges causes them to be consumed for the first several years simply learning how to be effective in their new environment.

Much effectiveness on the mission field or working for international Christian NGO has to do with learning how to understand others. Working with and around those of another culture means language learning but so much more. It means learning to listen, it means opening your heart to people who are quite different than yourself. It is one thing to read a book about differences in understanding authority, time, personal space, and the many issues in literature about working in cross cultural environments, but it is another to live and do those things. Until you live in such an environment you honestly do not even know what questions to ask. Cross-cultural effectiveness is learning by doing and that is the opportunity you have at SBC. Experience in going into unfamiliar settings and accomplishing something is vital to international and cross-cultural work. Many go into such environments but not so many are effective once there.

At SBC you can gain first hand experience ministering in towns and villages, in remote and unreached areas, among Muslims and followers of traditional religious beliefs. You will have opportunity to talk to those who are managing projects to deliver medical and educational programs, running pre-schools in Muslim areas, teaching new farming methods to small subsistence farmers, caring for orphans and street children, and many others who will impart to you from their knowledge and experience. Prayer for the sick, spiritual warfare, intercessory prayer that changes nations, miracles, dreams, visions and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are all part of the educational process at SBC. And at the end you not only gain all that wonderful experience but you also receive a degree that is accepted worldwide.

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