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Steps in the Application Process for International Students:

College-Application-Form1- Complete the Application form and email to

2- Submit 3 recommendations as directed in the application form.

3- Scan and send a copy of all transcripts. Bring an original unopened copy with you when you come to school.

4- Include a scanned copy of high school and any college diplomas you have received.

5- Provide a short writing sample either from school work you have done or write 1 page on any topic you choose.

6- Scan and email a copy of your passport along with your application.

7- Send a digital photo of yourself similar to a passport photo in size and quality.

8- You will receive an acceptance letter along with a letter requesting the Ethiopian embassy in your home country to issue a business visa. You will take these two letters to the embassy or apply for a visa by mail according to the instructions in the Ethiopian Embassy website. This should be done about 3 weeks before your travel date.

9- Instructions concerning housing, what you should bring in your suitcase, health insurance, inoculations, and other relevant matters will be sent to you by email. Travel agencies and insurance agents can be recommended upon request.