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Love for God and Neighbor

We are committed to our duty to love God with our whole being and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Loving God means we worship Him and seek His glory in everything we do; and loving our neighbor entails making disciples of all nations and engaging in holistic ministry.

Word of God

We are committed to the Bible as the Word of God. We aim to study the Scriptures diligently so that we may obey them wholeheartedly. We foster personal relationship with God while training students’ ministry skills and character formation through our whole programs.

Whole church to the whole world

We believe Christ sends the whole church as His witnesses to the whole world. The local church mobilizes all her members for witness. Church leaders are to equip the whole church for witnessing Christ in all aspects of life including the home, marketplace, education, business, politics and our strategic contribution is to equip the equippers.


SBCE is part of international community because the church is God’s people from all nations. Yet, as Ethiopian Bible College, we seek to be aware of the needs of our continent and to equip students in particular context. The Ethiopian context in which we are located provides the basic concrete situation within which we do theology, while also providing strong motivation for cross-cultural missions and ministry.


We are interdenominational college serving the whole spectrum of the Bible-believing community, upholding our Pentecostal heritage which we constantly need to define and defend. We value our God-given unity. We also value our diversity as an expression of our freedom in Christ and foster the discussion of issues with a view to strengthening our unity in Christ.


We depend on God for all our needs and we express this dependence by increasingly becoming a praying community. We believe prayer opens doors, sends out laborers, helps us to know God’s will and empower our witness so that many come to faith in Christ.


We are committed to worship God as it is expressed in both Old and New Testaments. In worship we draw into the presence of God through singing, dancing and other expression of worship in line with the biblical principles.