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Shiloh Bible College Ethiopia was found in 1994 in collaboration with Shiloh Bible College, Oakland California, which is operated by Shiloh Christian Fellowship.

Shiloh Bible College Ethiopia and Shiloh Bible College Oakland, California own the programs and materials used by the college and assume ultimate responsibility for its academic, spiritual, and financial viability. SBCE is administered by its Board of Directors who bears final authority over its operation.  The Board of directors operates according to its registered constitution and bylaws and is made up of seven members from various denominations.

SBCE is an interdenominational institution, which accepts students from various doctrinally sound churches. The college receives financial support from Shiloh Bible College, Oakland, California.

SBCE is affiliate to ACTEA (Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa) and is working toward full accreditation.

SBCE is working in partnership with Evangelical Church Fellowship of South Ethiopia.