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Ministry training is not only about academic work but also personal discussion with experienced ministers. Dr. Gary conducts weekly discussion groups with undergraduate and graduate students on topics relevant to missions and biblical studies. Visiting Christian leaders also contribute to these sessions as they are present on campus.  In this manner students can raise and discuss issues that pertain to their own calling and ministry. College sponsored outreach activities are structured in such a way that prayer and preparation is done beforehand, the project is undertaken by the students, and then afterward meetings are conducted to discuss various aspects of the outreach project for lessons learned. These evaluative sessions are conducted by both college staff and RVVP leaders, as well as other Christian pastors and evangelists who have participated in the project. International Students will have personal opportunity to meet with Dr. Gary to discuss their own plans for ministry, their personal ministry development progress, and how they can successfully connect with ministry opportunities toward the fulfillment of God’s calling upon their lives.