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Certificate of Missionary Outreachtop_programs

The certificate in Missionary Outreach is a 9 month program with 6 months of coursework and 3 months of practical training. The emphasis for this program is Islamic outreach. The coursework is divided between 5 doctrine and biblical studies courses, 1 Christian leadership course and 6 mission or practical courses. Each morning the students gather for prayer and devotion together at which time they practiceleading prayer, worship, preaching, communion, and receive instruction in personal prayer and devotional time. The program as presently formatted is as follows: 3 months of instruction, 3 months in the field working with a missionary project in an Islamic area, and then 3 more months in the classroom with graduation at the end of 3 months. During the last three months in the classroom time is allocated for students to interact around what they have learned in their field experience and to learn form one another.

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Diploma: Amharic or English

This program has two categories: accredited and non-accredit diploma program. a) Accredited diploma program is designed for students who meet the entrance requirements of the national education policy for higher education at diploma level and who aspire to continue their studies in Degree level. It is intended to train and equip those who aspire to do general ministry in their church by providing them foundational Christian doctrines, Biblical studies, Basic Biblical leadership principles, basic mission and historical studies and practical guidelines for Christian life. b) The non-accredited diploma program is for the Amharic media program, but it is similar to that of the accredited diploma program as to content, quality and breadth.

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Bachelor of Arts in Theology

This program is designed around three ministry majors: Biblical and Theological Studies, Christian Leadership Studies and Missional Studies. The purpose of the program is to prepare well-equipped servant leaders and ministers for the church of God based on their calling and the need of the church in Ethiopia and beyond. This program is different from diploma program in its depth of content, breadth of topics covered, the type of assignments and length of study. Students who register in this program will have a wider opportunity to study in depth various courses that relate to their specific calling and this be better equipped.

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Graduate Diploma in Theology

This program is designed for those church leaders who have Bachelor degree or above in other disciplines other than theology but want to pursue Masters of Theology. The purpose of the program is to lay astrong biblical and theological foundation for the student before moving to masters level study. In addition to this, the program equips particularly those who are ‘not fulltime ministers’ in the church to be effective in the area of eldership, preaching, teaching and church administration. The courses in this program are different from Bachelor Arts in Theology program courses in their depth of content, breadth of topics, the type of assignments, and length of study. Students who successfully complete this program with a minimum of 3.0 (B) grade average will have opportunity to study in Master of Theology Program.

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Master of Theology

The MA in Theology program consists of approximately 1 year of course work (8 courses) and 1 year of research and writing. The main objectives are to understand Christian theology and theological reflection from: 1) a biblical perspective; 2) a historical perspective giving primary focus to theological reflectionin the African context; and 3) within the Ethiopian context.

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