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All students must apply using the Application for Admission and Application Checklist provided in the Appendix. Certified copies of all supporting documents must be provided by the student at the time of application. Minimum requirements for admission are as follows:

Certificate Level:  Grade 8 and above

Diploma Level:  Both English and Amharic Media

  1. ESLCE (Old) min GPA 1.4
  2. EGSLCE (New): min GPA of 2.0

 Accredited Diploma (English Media):

  1. ESLCE (Old): min GPA 1.6
  2. EGSLCE (New): min GPA of 2.1
  3.  TVT2 (Technical and Vocational Training Level 2) with average of  75%


  1. ESLCE (Old): minimum GPA 2.0
  2. 12+ diploma graduates from both non-theological or theological institutions with a minimum GPA of 2.0
  3. EGSLVR (New): 1-+2 years of preparatory with a minimum GPA of 2.0
  4. 10+3

Note:  International Students refer to admission requirements appropriate to their program: International Students